My name is Emma-Jane and I am the creator of Re:Root. I work with a holistic approach to personal development, self awareness and how connection with nature can be the catalyst to our growth and balance in life.

My focus is on circular natural growth looking at the whole pattern of a person’s life and in that working together to decipher the adjustments needed to simplify, direct and transform. Supporting people  to connect with their authentic self, seeing their potential and aligning their life’s rhythm to the dreams they have for themselves. I aim to empowering clients within my coaching and workshops in sustainable personal development and life transformation.

Creating strong roots from which you can develop  _DSC5688

I take inspiration from mindfulness, ancient cultural practices, life management tools, as well as, holistic and natural lifestyle. Combining the best aspects of modern life with the understandings and teachings of the past.  For me the strongest, sustainable working practices are co- creative. My circle workshops focus on personal growth supported by community.

My dream is to create a community of Re:Rooters that support each other to grow continuously throughout their lives.

Through observation and experience over 20 years I have created a system, a toolkit which mirrors the cycle of the seasons, to support you to continuously grow and be inspired by life.  I have  successfully coached groups and individuals to reconnect with the rhythm of the natural world, at the same time inspired and supported them to  grow naturally throughout their lives. I would love to share and support you through the same experience.

It is my belief that you have the power within you to live the life you imagine, to be conscious of your true self and potential,  evolve your dreams into realities and to be inspired and motivated to do this by reconnecting yourself with the natural world.

 I want to help as many people enjoy the benefits of life that we have in our world today.

To help you reconnect with yourself, re:root your life and empower you to enjoy your journey.

My background

I have always been interested in the natural world and the lives of people in the past .  My childhood was spent in Ballet studios training to be a professional dancer however at 18 I was injured and unable to follow a dance career. It was at that point 20 years ago, I became aware that my life was out of balance. Everything felt forced and it seemed to me that I was somehow separated in my daily life from real life. I went through turbulent relationships, marriage, divorce, homelessness ,jumping from job to job, town to town. I couldn’t settle. The unbalance followed me wherever I went.

I had also been introduced at this time to the pagan spiritual path and throughout my troubles found centering and comfort in my pagan beliefs.  

In 2002  it became apparent to me that more than anything I wanted to follow my paganism further. I began visiting and eventually moved to live in Avebury Stone Circle. Here thorough contact with Druids, life coaches, shamans, a powerful women’s circle and the eclectic tribe of the pagan community for four years I observed, celebrated and studied the Celtic  wheel of the year.  Avebury was the beginning  of  my life university. It was a first step onto conscious living and in the four years I spent there I connected not only with the rhythm of the natural world, I also learnt to connect with, and learn from, our ancestors, to mirror these teachings and rhythm in my modern lifestyle. Eventually creating the tool kit which has now become the Walking the Wheel of the Year program. From this journey of creating the program I began to feel the balance in my life and found part of my authentic self.

In my studies in Avebury I realised that working within the celtic and druidic spiritual framework was not completely satisfying me and over time it became apparent that I felt drawn to Nordic culture as well. This lead to me not only learning to sword fight but to travelling around the world connecting with historic sites, nordic spiritual practises as well as the modern reenactment community which interprets viking culture. This journey led me to living on the west coast of Norway on an island in a fjord and eventually to my moving to live in Denmark.  


Although I was enjoying searching and studying somewhere in my journey I lost my way and after a head injury with subsequent trauma I finally ended up homeless in Copenhagen, close to ending my own life.

This was my turning point. I knew that life was too precious a gift to give up. I started to look at the patterns of my past and I realised that although I had been understanding and studying all of these years, I had not in truth walked my talk and fully stepped into my life heart, body and soul.


As with such realisations life picks up speed afterwards. Once the realisation was complete I set about transforming my life, working with the law of attraction, the way of council, following the rhythm of the wheel of the year in depth. With a brief trip to Thailand I discovered through Buddhism the art of creating my universe by responding rather than reacting. And on returning to Denmark though Tinkuy spiritual fitness center I learnt the power of co creation and realised that I have a great gift to offer in teaching ceremony, life transformation and re connection and Re:root was born.

In embracing my path, my role and purpose I had re:rooted myself fully and found my authentic self.  From this journey I have learnt how to work with clarity, accepting both positive and negative, to take responsibility in my life for myself, for my path. I have now studied human development at Via University College and the Open university and written a book for which I am searching publication as well as learning danish on the side!

From this journey I have realised that my greatest strength and joy has been to _DSC5617-2appreciate , root in and learn from the power of nature of which we are all a part. I have discovered that it is my dream to share this understanding and experience with as many people as I can and to help as many people as I can to Re:Root their own lives. Although I have my spiritual center I do not believe that this path is the same for everyone and unless requested I do not include my own spirituality within my coaching practice. Everyone can connect with nature no matter who you are or what you believe.

Today I live in the countryside by the Limfjord in Jutland Denmark with my wonderful life partner Troels and our beautiful cat Hope. Where every day I look out into my garden and give thanks for the wonder that is my life. When I am not working I love to belly dance and paint, I combine the aspects of a female warrior by training in yoga and sword fighting. During the summer months I can usually be found travelling the world within the viking community where I am honoured to hold ceremony and handfastings. I am now at a point in my life where I am walking my talk and living consciously guided by my authentic self. I feel truly blessed, growing from strong roots and enjoying my  journey in life.

I look forward to supporting you enjoy your journey ❤



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