20 years ago I became aware that my life was out of balance, everything felt forced and it seemed to me that I was somehow separated in my daily life from life. I was out of beat with a rhythm of the natural world. Through observation and experience over 20 years I have created a system, a tool kit which mirrors the cycle of the seasons, to support me and you to continuously grow and be inspired by life.  I have  successfully coached groups and individuals to reconnect with the rhythm of the natural world, at the same time inspired and supported them to  grow naturally throughout their lives. I would love to share and support you through the same experience.

It is my belief that you have the power within you to live the life you have imagined, to evolve your dreams into realities and to be inspired and motivated to do this by reconnecting with the natural world surrounding you

Re:root currently offers you 3 possibilities to help you reconnect, change and develop your life.

Walking the Wheel of the year :

8 experiential workshops during a whole years cycle, in person or via correspondence, to reconnect you with the cycle of the seasons and use this to mirror and inspire your own personal development. (New workshop program starting in October 2016 for more information use the contact form)

Re connection with life:

A weekend workshop offering tools to connect with the world around you and steps to evolve from the seed of who you are to the strong individual you will be.

Life coaching:

6 hourly nature based life coaching sessions over Skype to assist and support you through specific challenges within your life.

To connect with me you can contact me at re.rootej@gmail.com or call me on +45 2867 3643 or use the contact form.

Reroot with your soul, connect with life and enjoy your journey…

I look forward to connecting with you

♥ Emma-Jane